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The right space for your business, rather than the right business for our space.

As an independently-owned, New York City-based and tenant-focused commercial real estate firm, we don’t represent landlords, and we don’t own any NYC real estate. Whether you want to stay where you are or find new digs, we’ve engaged in every type of project you can think of, and will employ whatever methods we need to satisfy your objectives.


Get what you’re entitled to, while staying in your landlord’s good graces.

Your landlord is not your friend. You’re paying his mortgage. Putting his kids through college. No one owns a building in NYC who is not in it for the money, and in renewal negotiations, they don’t want to negotiate. They would rather tell you what they’ll do, and have you stay. But… it costs the landlord money if you leave. And time. These days especially, landlords can be particularly leery of having a block of space vacated. You have leverage to get a better deal, and that better deal may not just be able your rental amount. It may be able flexibility. Getting the place spruced up, repainted, recarpeted, new lighting, etc. Maybe a few months of free rent. The bottom line is capturing value for your business, and getting exactly what you want, in a space and location that is already familiar to you, your employees and your customers. The quicker you act, the more powerful your leverage. Get started while time is on your side.

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Move into a space that’s a better fit for your business.

Maybe you’re outgrowing your space. Or maybe, with more and more people working from home, you find yourself with more space than you need. Maybe you want to be closer to other new strategic business districts, or to be more accessible in the shifting residential landscape. Maybe you’re opening a new location, either from another city, or from a coworking space. Maybe you just want nicer views. There are many sound reasons why a relocation may suit your business better than a renewal. After relocating hundreds of New York organizations, we’ve learned that a steady-handed and thorough approach always yields the greatest benefits. That means analyzing whether to build out from scratch, or sub-lease an existing space. It means crafting a free rent package to offset your relocation costs. It means considering all possible rent escalations and tax implications. And it means getting the landlord to adapt the space for you—rather than you paying for it yourself. ​ We know what’s required to execute a smooth relocation for your business. With the proper advance notice (we recommend 8-10 months), we can find your organization a new home that checks all the boxes—a space that makes the most of your work day and lets you have peace of mind at night.

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Position your space to attract the perfect subtenant as quickly as possible.

Your space should meet your needs. And those needs can change. When they do, sub-leasing can offer significant benefits to your balance sheet. Whether you sublease your space, or become a sub-tenant yourself, the end result is the same: more favorable business conditions.

Sublease your space

Positioned properly in the market, your space can command great interest. Once you generate that interest, you have options that can permit you to do a deal quickly, and on terms that bring a smile to your face. When evaluating potential subtenants, we insist on stability, strong credit, and impeccable references. As your advocates, it’s our job to ensure the stability of your incoming subtenant—so you aren’t on the hook for rent. Our strong planning and communication practices help prevent hiccups down the road, alleviating the liability from your books quickly, confidently, and securely.

Become a subtenant

What space is most advantageous for your business? In some cases, the right space for you may not be “your own.” It may be a sublease. There is an immense amount of sublease activity happening in the city right now, and some incredible deals are possible. We help you evaluate your options—options that may not be obvious at the onset, but that can be perfect for your situation at this specific time. We ask questions, clarify your needs, and then tailor our approach to find the right solution for your organization. With crystal clear requirements in hand, we scour the market, think creatively, and negotiate sharply to secure you the best value. Our team stops short of nothing to place you at the intersection of cultural fit and incredible economics—to catapult your business forward.

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Grow with an addition, modification, lease takeover, or space swap.

A good commercial real estate expansion isn’t just about getting more space. It’s about positioning your organization for future success. And since every organization is different, the best deal is one that reflects the unique and nuanced needs of the organization itself. So first we talk strategy. Are you seeking to create a new market? Court an acquisition? Accommodate more people, more equipment, or more lines of business? Once we have a complete picture of your long-term objectives, we explore every option. These may take the form of: Sublease: find an ideal subtenant and relocate to another space Swap: Move into a larger space within your current building Addition: add contiguous space to your existing location Takeover: identify a landlord to relocate you, while taking over your current liability Along the way, we protect you against common expansion pitfalls, whether that’s agreeing to a less-than-ideal situation that your landlord tries to convince you to take, or getting pressured into multiple leases with different end dates, etc. Bottom line: Every landlord would love to have a growing tenant in their building. Let us use our data and experience to leverage that truth to your full and lasting benefit.

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Whether commercial condo or whole building, realize the gain of appreciating real estate values and potential tax savings.

For some organizations, a commercial real estate purchase can yield financial benefits that you can’t get with leasing. You lock in your monthly payment, reap ongoing tax benefits, and capture the gains of appreciating real estate values—all while customizing the space to your exact needs and wants. Through rigorous analysis, we run the numbers to determine whether you’re better off leasing or buying. When buying is in your best interest, we oversee and guide you through every step of process—from negotiating the most advantageous purchase terms, to navigating due diligence and securing financing, to understanding the nuances of your particular property, and more. If condo board approval is required, we work hand-in-hand with you to prepare your board packet, saving you time and stress. Trust that we leave no stone unturned—and no advantage left on the table. ​ Find out if a purchase is right for you.

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Let’s do this.

If you’ve read this far, face it. You need us. It’s recommended that you visit the Our Team page to contact the individual you’re looking for. Or if you are not sure, please send us a message, and we’ll get back to you quickly.

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